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40 is heavy and located near the surface. In most areas, though, natural licks aren't available and you can help your wildlife by creating them on your property. Choosing a Mineral Ingredients in commercially sold mineral mixtures typically include salt, phos- phorous, calcium, sodium, vitamins, plus trace elements like copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, and manganese, as well as a flavoring agent to attract the deer. There are more mineral mixes on the market than you can shake a stick at. Most recipes probably will benefit deer to a small extent, but to get the most out of a mineral site deer need to be able to absorb the minerals they consume. That's where Biologic's Full Potential stands out from other mixes on the mar- ket. Theirs are organic trace minerals in amino acid complexes that are immedi- ately bio-available. This formulation allows them to be absorbed into the blood stream and efficiently transferred to the skeletal system and antlers, unlike many mixtures which can largely pass through the digestive system without being fully absorbed. Full Potential also contains probiotics to enhance digestive health, yeast to improve rumen function, as well as the crucial vitamins A, D, and E. Two other products to consider are BioRock (a concentrated mix of 50 trace elements) and Whitetail Addic- tion Chestnut Magic. I like to place a BioRock next to the mineral site and use Whitetail Addiction Chestnut Magic to help attract deer to it when you first create it. The salt and sodium used in mineral products also draws deer, but during the spring and summer the animals have an actual physical need for them, they're not just "junk food." Whitetails need a correct balance of potassium and sodium in their bodies for proper cellular development and nerve function. According to wildlife biologist Brian Murphy, executive director of the Quality Deer Management Association, "During the spring and early summer, deer operate at a sodium deficiency due to larger amounts of potassium com- Improve Herd Health with Minerals continued When a BioRock is placed in the correct spot and if you have an average herd density, you can expect your herd will devour the rock and begin to create a hole in the ground after a few weeks to a month. © Gerald Almy

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