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106 there are several varieties available. I once used a wheelbar- row to haul a deer out from deep in a public hunting area. I now own a two-wheeled deer cart that can be disassembled and carried like a back-pack. Perhaps the easiest way, from a labor standpoint, is to sim- ply load the deer into/onto an ATV or truck. If you're alone, the challenge then becomes getting it from the ground to the bed or the racks. Fortunately, there's an array of commercial products to choose from (see sidebar). Lighten the Load For whatever reason, some hunters prefer taking their animals out in the round. That's not too much of a problem for small to medium-sized big game animals like deer and antelope, particularly if you're near a road or trail where you can drag them a short distance to a truck or ATV. If you have to drag any distance however, it makes more sense to field dress the animal first. Internal organs can You may be tempted to load game on the rear of a four-wheeler but it will be more stable on the front, particularly if you'll be riding uphill. Options for Safely Hauling Home your Big Game continued Loading Your Game Viking Solutions offers an array of products designed to make getting your game out of the field easier and safer. • The SwiveLift is a hitch-based lifting system that uses a hand winch to raise its lifting platform slightly above tailgate level. • The L-E-Vator is a similar, free-standing, portable lift. • The KwikHoist attaches to most any tree or pole with a ratchet-style winch and cable you crank up to the desired height. • The Buck UP uses a similar ratchet-style winch and cable mounted on a tripod allowing you to lift up to 300 pounds up to 90 inches. • The Rack Jack is a hitch-mounted hoist that swivels a full 360 degrees and allows you to load and skin and quarter game. • The High Tail is a lightweight, fold-up, V- shaped cradle that provides a handy "nest" for the rear-end of an animal when field dressing. • The Tilt-N-Go is a hitch-mounted tilt-able hauler that transforms into a super-efficient wheeled-transporter. It tilts over to either side to facilitate loading your deer. © Bob Humphrey © Photos: Viking Solutions

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